With 37 tents, the Governor’s Camp is one of the biggest and oldest camps in the Mara. 28 of them face the river, while 9 of them face the plains. The place is housed in a thickly forested meander of the Mara River. The giant camp is split into 3 sites. The Main Camp was built in 1972 at the site of an old campsite. The place has now extended to cover an area of about 1.6 hectares.

One of the best things about the camp is that there are no fences and much of the original forest has been preserved. A visitor can drive down the entrance of the camp through the dense trees and forests from the Musiara airstrip. The place is busy with lots of vehicles and staff. The place always has quite a lot of visitors.

A laid-back place with proper resources

In spite of the fact that camp is quite busy, it is one of the laid-back places with a pleasant feel. It is best for travellers who like to be left to themselves, who participate in hotel-style meals and would share a game drive with others. The key asset of the camp is the location. It is located at one of the best places in the Mara and has been in business for more than 40 years. It is easy to watch the hippos and birds from the 28 tents that face the river. Sometimes a few wildebeests can be seen crossing the river during the migration.

Nine of the tents face the plains, among which 6 are family units, where elephants and even lion prides can be spotted.

The wildlife has adjusted around the camp

The wildlife has adjusted to the human community. Though the predators stay away from the camp, some of the species have understood that they would be tolerated. Some might even be welcomed without an invitation. Dwarf mongooses can be found inside the camp and sometimes elephants can be seen as well. The place is a permanent camp, which had been built to last.

The stay is quite comfortable

A small shop, a reception office and pleasant lawns make up the central area of the Governor’s camp. A drinks terrace overlook the river. The dining bar-cum-lounge tent is quite large and has a tiled floor. There are crazy- paving paths that link the tents to the main area. The standard tents are quite small but are furnished quite comfortably. Rush mats cover the concrete floor of the bedrooms. Double beds are available with bedside tables.

There is a veranda outside each tent. The tents have built-in bathrooms, walls with wood panels and tiled floors. The paint has a country cottage theme. The toilets even have showers for visitors.

Safari activities

The Governor’s Camp offers safari drives, including those in the early morning and late afternoon, in the camp vehicles. Tourists can go on safaris in the Land Rovers, which have two rows of seats. About 40 driver-guides work in the camp. Even early morning balloon safaris are available. You can have a flight for an hour and land in the Mara Triangle, having a bush breakfast and a game drive.

The Governor’s Camp is the most amazing place for an exquisite taste of the Masai Mara.