One of the holidays that must go perfectly is the honeymoon. Now we can discuss Top 5 Best Africa Honeymoon Destinations For Wildlife Safari Though there are a lot of places that you can choose, an African safari could be very refreshing. Africa is one of the best places if you would like to enjoy the view of vast forests, grasslands and a flourishing fauna.

1. Namibia Honeymoon Experience

It is easy to travel the country and you can enjoy the amazing wildlife in the Etosha National Park. The Namib Desert is the country would also offer you a wonderful time to spend some time. It would be best to visit the place between the dry months of June and October. The desert is silent and beautiful and the night sky is spilling with stars. A visit to the Sossusvlei dunes is a thing that must be done in the honeymoon. A balloon flight would offer a bird’s eye view of the entire landscape. The unique wildlife and the rich and diverse environment would offer a wonderful honeymoon experience. You could have dining tables set along a floodlit waterhole and enjoy a beautiful time with your beloved.

2. Tanzania Honeymoon Safari

If you are a couple who just loves wildlife, you just cannot miss the chance to spend your honeymoon in the Serengeti watching the Great Wildebeest Migration. This country has lots of big cats, elephants and chimpanzees. The getaway Indian Ocean islands like Mnemba and Pemba are close by. It could be the most wonderful bush-and-beach destination to try out. The dry season extending from June through October would be the perfect time to spend some time here. However, in order to see the migration, you would need to be present between November and August. The nearby islands and Zanzibar experience the best weather between August and October.

3. Zimbabwe Honeymoon Safari

Though Victoria Falls could be a good choice, Zimbabwe is a country famous for big game and could be a good choice for a honeymoon. It is not only romantic but would offer a taste of adventure. The Lake Kariba is the largest manmade lake in the world and there are lots of amazing lodges on the side, offering some of the best views on the land and water. Interactions with the local community and the walking safaris are also very interesting.

4. The South Africa Honeymoon Experience

The Rainbow Nation would offer such amazing honeymoon destinations between the months of June to October. The Savannah, deserts and vineyards would make the mood for an amazing wildlife experience. The Kruger National Park is among the most amazing wildlife sanctuaries in the world and could be among the best place for a honeymoon wildlife safari.

5. Botswana Honeymoon safari

Botswana would offer a wildlife adventure that the first European explorers could experience. Wild dogs, tens of thousands of elephants, rivers that are teeming with hippos and crocodiles and obviously the big cats, would make the honeymoon experience an amazing one.

Africa is an amazing honeymoon destination for wildlife lovers and these are among the top choices of the lovely couples.